TalkHelper Skype Recorder makes it possible for you to save Skype video messages. Saving is not a tasking activity to undertake and with a single click any of the voicemails and video messages that you had will be recorded on your computer.

Recorded Skype audio calls can be saved in MP3 format. We know very well that it is not only a computer which is in a position to play an MP3 file; a phone is also capable of playing a file in that format. This means that you can listen to a certain audio conversation that you had had using your phone. You don’t have to necessarily have your computer.

Another feature that the TalkHelper can give you is that you can share your Skype screen with your friends, most of the software for recording Skype calls and videos cannot do that. It is a more exciting and fun way that you can share with your friends how your screen looks like. In addition to the TalkHelper being for the purpose of recording Skype conversation, it has some benefits which happen to be fun.

TalkHelper supports the latest Skype version; most of the tools used as recorder for Skype Windows tend to support selected Skype versions. This means that if you happen to be having a Skype version which is not supported by the other Skype call recorders, the talk helper will come in handy for you.

Lastly, the TalkHelper is among the Skype recording tools that are so easy to use. Using it, it does not require that you do a lot of setting up for you to record a Skype call or even conversation. It is so easy that once you start using it, you will not think about any other software for this work. I think what everyone needs is a tool that can record all their Skype conversation without bothering them with settings and other difficulties that may be imminent.

Steps for recording Skype calls with TalkHelper

  • You have to launch the TalkHelper for Skype


  • A pop-up window will appear asking you for approval
  • Click the allow button
  • TalkHelper will automatically record both incoming and outgoing Skype calls for you
  • Once you are through, you can press the stop record button


The duration of the call will show right on the status bar of the talk helper. You can choose to play back the conversation recorded or save it to watch some other time.


Advantages of TalkHelper for Windows

Recording your Skype conversation with talk helper gives you high-quality videos and audios that are worth listening to some other time. One of the things that make the TalkHelper efficient over other recording tools is the quality. Most of the Skype recording tools that are around are not effective in giving you the desired output that you may want to have. TalkHelper does not only record the screen saver but also records every detail in the frame during a video call. This gives it an advantage over most of the Skype recording tools that are available. The importance of having clarity while recording any form of conversation with Skype is that you have an easy time in case you want to make a reference to a Skype conversation that you may have had some time back.

As earlier mentioned, the fact that Skype calls recorded can be saved in MP3 format makes listening to them quite easy. Most of the gadgets that we use can play an MP3 file; this means that you will rarely get a limitation whenever you want to listen to a previous recorded chat or conversation.


You may just be wondering why on earth you may need to have a Skype recording software on your Windows PC, it is simple, you may need to listen to conversations that make up good memories for you or you may also want a Skype conversation which may act as evidence against a person. All these reasons and much more are why a Skype conversation recorder is important to most people.

TalkHelper for Skype has been developed to meet your needs when it comes to recording Skype conversations. So far most people have endorsed it as one of the best software that one can record a Skype call with. Considering that using it is easy, most people are impressed by its performance. In case you are looking for a software that can aid you in recording Skype calls, be it conference meetings, interviews, personal calls and much more, TalkHelper for Skype is the way to go. You will get some of the best services and features that most of the software around might not have.

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