Pamela for Skype is software that has been developed to be used by people using windows PCs to record Skype calls or video calls that may seem important to them. The primary service that Skype has is that it allows you to send messages, make and receive calls, conduct interviews through Skype and also have Skype conferences. These are amazing features that Skype has managed to give the people who are far away from each other. Skype is better as compared to making calls which are a little bit more expensive, and using Skype recording software Windows like Pamela becomes critical for PC users.

The one thing that most of the Skype users would really want to have is to be in a position to record all the conversation that they have with friends, colleagues, etc. Skype conversations are recorded for many reasons, some may be recorded for sheer fun. When calling a loved one via Skype, you may want to record the conversation for the purpose of memories that you may want to recall. If it’s an official Skype call, one may want to record it for future reference purposes or clarification. All these are important depending on the motive of the person who is interested in recording a Skype conversation. Pamela is software that makes all this possible.

Features and benefits of using Pamela for Skype on your Windows PC

To begin with, Pamela works with almost all the windows versions that are available (Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10) thus you don’t have to worry that it will not work on your PC.

Pamela allows for recording of voice messages in the event that you receive a call, and you are not around. This is an important feature when it comes to a tool that can record most of your Skype conversation as you don’t miss important messages or notification. Getting a recorded Skype message is by far better than getting a missed call. A missed call on Skype never communicates the intent of the call, but a voice message clearly states the intent of the message that the caller wanted to pass on.

Pamela records Skype chats; you may wonder why this is important but if you are not aware, the person who starts a thread message can delete the conversation, and it will not appear on both sides. To avoid such happening to you, Pamela for Skype will come in handy as the Skype messages will already be recorded. It happened to me that a friend deleted some of the chats that we had had on Skype, and the information was evidence that the friend owed me a large amount of money. There was nothing to prove that, and I eventually made a big loss. To avoid such an instance or any other which may work to your disadvantage, it is important to have a Skype recorder tool, and Pamela happens to be one of the best that you can have.

Note: Pamela Skype recorder for Windows allow you to take notes during a call; this means that you not only get to record your Skype calls, but you can also take down some of the important notes that you may want to remember some other time. This puts Pamela Skype recorder in a much better place than most of the software for recording your Skype conversation. This function may be important during a conference call or when conducting an interview via Skype. Written notes are much easier to retrieve than a recorded conversation.

Pamela Skype recorder allows you to schedule a call, and you don’t need to have all sorts of reminders to recall that you have to make a call at a particular time. Pamela for Skype works towards ensuring that you can schedule all the important calls that you need to make giving you a much easier time. On top of scheduling your Skype calls, you can also record the calls if you may want to have them in your records.

How to use Pamela to record your Skype conversation

  • Once you make or receive a call via Skype, you will get a dialogue box asking whether or not you would want to record the call. If the call is not worth recording, you cancel, and if the call will be recorded you press okay. The dialogue box disappears if you take more than ten seconds without imputing any option.


  • Once you start recording, you will get an indication of the call being recorded and the time duration. There is a stop button which you can press at any moment when you finish recording your Skype conversation. This can also be used once you feel that the information recorded is enough. This is how the dialogue box looks like when recording a call.


  • After you are through with the call, you can save it and name it as you want which makes it easy for you to retrieve a call that you may have had in case you may want to listen to it again. What makes Pamela for Skype an interesting tool for recording your Skype calls is because retrieving the Skype conversation is very simple and easy.


  • The default mode for saving audio with Pamela for Skype is WVMA. You can opt for saving the audio in MP3 format which is much easier and supported by most of the devices that people have.

Shortcomings of Pamela for Skype

Pamela for Skype does not allow you to save any Skype call, or conference call or any other form of conversation without consent from the other party. This may be a disadvantage to most people as it is not always that you want the other person to know that you are recording the conversation that you are having via Skype. Other people may look at it as an advantage since they feel like they have the power to give the permission for their calls to be recorded. Most people may not have a problem with interviews or conference calls made via Skype recorded. When it comes to personal issues, not most people are comfortable with recording especially if the issue of trust is at stake.

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