MP3 Skype Recorder is driven by the growing need for people to keep their memories safely. Business persons, individuals, and government agencies are concerned about this and take memories very seriously. More than once, recorded information has been used by many in court cases.  The recorded details have helped many businesses maintain their good reputation. All these issues explain the growing need for recording Skype calls on Windows PC, not always for leisure but for future purposes.

This Skype extra is a totally free Skype Recorder for Windows, non-commercial use that automatically or manually records all Skype conversations. This among other things includes Skype conference calls. MP3 Skype recording software has the advantage of storing these conversations locally in files very popular which is the mp3 format. The tool also has the capabilities of recording SkypeOut calls and p2p Skype calls. Its system sits in monitors Skype calls and system tray. The tool starts recording as soon as one begins the conversation. It is worth noting that the information contained in these conversations is very valuable in a number of ways and for many reasons. The making and the recording of these conversations helps your business, with this going to an extent of saving a business’ reputation.

Features Overview

Unlike many other Skype recorder software, this one is absolutely free and having no limits attached to it making it a favorite for most people. Some of the outstanding features are

  • MP3 Skype recording software for windows is free; you will not part with any coin to get your hands on it. Topping that up is that it has limitations, you can fully utilize all the features that it comes with freely.
  • Files are stored in MP3 format, an advantage of having files stored in this format is that you can be able to listen with any other device as most of them support the MP3 format.
  • With the audio, This Skype plugin for Windows can support mono, audio, and joint stereo format. This gives you an edge in decision making on how you would want to have your audio recorded.
  • Conference calls and other Skype calls are recorded automatically; this eases you the burden of having to go through very long processes in order to record a Skype call.
  • Installing the app is so easy that it does not even take minutes before you can get the software running on your Windows PC.
  • The user interface is simple; this means that what the software gives is something that is easy to use and interact with.

How To Use

The first step is to download this software, and you will be good to go since it is a free software you expect that you will have an easy time downloading it.

Skype will ask for your permission to allow MP3 Skype call recorder to connect to Skype during the first stage of installation. Go to the new events and then click on the Skype call recorder.exe. From there, under plug-in authorization sign as shown in the picture by the arrow.

  • In the new window, choose the option, allow this program to use Skype and click OK

N.B.: If you do not allow the program to use Skype, the software will not be able to record calls. You will have to go to the tools to allow the plugin to use Skype.

  • In the Skype, option windows click the advanced tab that is on the right and then click manage other program’s access to Skype, a link at the bottom.
  • The new windows should open. Choose it from the list through clicking on it and then clicking Change on the right.
  • select allow this programme use Skype and then clicking OK
  • The recording button appears as below. Once pressed during the conversation, the recording starts immediately, if you had selected the option of recording your Skype calls automatically, you would not need to press that button.
  • The stop button allows you to terminate any recording that you may be on. You may stop it if you feel that you have had what you needed from the conversation that you are recording. 


  1. Mp3-Skype-Recorder is easy to use and can be used by most of the windows version
  2. Downloading the software is free, and installation is easy unlike most of the software for recording Skype calls and conversation which happen to be a little bit tricky when it comes to the downloading process.
  3. The Skype addon is absolutely free; most of the software for such purpose will cost you a few dollars to start accessing it.
  4. The user interface for the software is really good, and it makes interacting with MP3 Skype recorder for Windows one of the simplest tasks.


One of the main disadvantages is that MP3 Skype addon for Windows cannot record video and is only limited to recording audio. Someone looking for software that can record both video and audio may not find this as an effective software. They will opt to look further for others that can record both audio and video.

There are other Skype call recorders for windows that come with so much to offer including automatic messaging a feature that you don’t get with this amazing Skype addon.


My take is that anyone who wants a good software to record their Skype calls or conversations, MSR for Windows would be a good place to start. This is because it works with most of the Skype versions as well as different windows versions. This is to say that it is compatible with what most people have. MSR for Windows has been endorsed by most people as one of the best software which happens to be free. You can thus increase your confidence and give it a try.

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