iFree Skype Recorder is one of the recording tools that are offered by a third party developer to ensure that you can record your Skype conversation as often as you may want. Most people who prefer using iFree free Skype recorder Windows to record their calls is because it is one of the easiest tools to use. Learning how to use it is quite easy and does not require that you do so much set up to use it. It is free, and you get what you need for recording your calls and conversations. Most of the Skype call recorder at times require that you pay some cash in order to use some of the advanced services that they come with.


  • iFree Skype recorder is free and without any limitation and you get to enjoy all the services that it comes with without worry that you may be required to part with some cash to enjoy the services more.
  • iFree makes it possible for you to record you calls in MP3 format which has more advantages as you can listen to your recorded Skype conversations with most of the gadgets that you have as they support an MP3 file.
  • Tracking a recorded history is so easy and takes a few seconds only. This is what most people would want as no one has the time to waste on retrieving a Skype conversation that took place some time back.
  • When it comes to sound, different people have it how they would want it to be. iFree recorder gives you the option of either mono or stereo format. Both are good, and it all narrows down to what the person recording a Skype conversation would want to have.
  • iFree recording software can automatically reply to people who may want to reach you while you are away from your computer. This is something that is found in most of the Skype recorders software that are around. It is a polite and better way than getting missed calls from loved ones. The automatic chat reply is customized to what you would want your friends to hear.
  • iFree Skype recorder is able to download both video and audio. This means that you get the freedom to choose how and what you want to record. If you decide that you want to record a Skype video call, then the person on the other end needs to have turned the video function as well.
  • Finally, iFree Skype call recorder gives you the option of settling for either an automatic or manual recording. This is something that gives the users some freedom of choice on how they would want to record their Skype conversation.
  • With iFree recorder for windows, you have the option of selecting the side that you would want to record your Skype; you can choose to record the conversation of the person that you are talking to via Skype or record the Skype call on your side.

Recording a Skype conversation with iFree addon

To begin with, you need to choose how you would want to record your Skype conversation using your Windows PC.  Below is an image that shows the various options that you may choose from.




The above dialogue boxes show some of the options that you will get with the iFree for Skype Recording is an easy task.

  1. Once you have an incoming or outgoing call, you will get a dialogue box that asks whether you would want to record you Skype conversation.
  2. Click on the start button and you will automatically start recording the Skype call that you will be making in accordance with the settings that you have selected.
  3. Save the recording for future use; you can rename the recording to what you will easily remember. This makes retrieval of the recordings so easy and you can access your recorded Skype conversation at any time.

That is how simple recording a Skype call on windows is, the only thing that you can put some focus on are the settings; they are the ones that determine the kind of recording that you will get.


We know quite well that no single technology comes with perfection. The iFree Skype recording software for windows is as such; it has a perfect side and a side which is not as perfect.

  • iFree for Windows does not give you any notification on your computer. It is not in a position to give you any notification concerning a missed call or a message that is unread. This is one of the factors that may make you consider having another software for recording your messages and Skype calls.
  • As a user, you are not in a position to control the audio and the video quality that you get. Sometimes the sound quality is not as good, and there is nothing that you can do about it. This may influence most people opting for other software that has that option so that they can have some control over the audio and the video quality that they get.
  • iFree recording software cannot record a video call if the other person has not turned on the video function. This means that in case you are having a conversation on Skype with a person who cannot turn the video call, it will be impossible to record the video, and you can only record the audio.

If you are looking forward to having a software for your windows phone, it will be great if you take time and consider iFree Skype addon and other software used for that purpose. It is necessary that you get a tool that will give you quality in the Skype conversations that you will record and which is easy to use. The best thing is to weigh the pros and the cons of the available software to be able to make an informed choice.

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