Dvdvideosoft’s Skype video recorder is an increasing need for people to record their memories. From the images that we take, recording phone calls and making videos of our kids as they grow. This is an indicator that people are doing everything possible within their ability to record what seems important. Some of the memories recorded are not always for remembrance purposes; there are those recorded and end up being used in court as evidence against a suspect.  The purpose of recording a Skype call or any other Skype conversation remains important to the one who has the need to record it.

Skype does not even offer the option of recording Skype chats as the person who starts a chat conversation can delete it, and it will get lost for both parties. Third-party developers have made software that is possible to record your Skype call, conference calls and much more. DVDVideoSoft Free Skype Recorder On Windows is one of the software developed to make it possible for people to record their Skype conversation.


It comes with various recording options for you to choose from, you can either record a Skype call without video, a video call that records pictures from both sides or a Skype video call that records picture from one side. This is a feature mainly found in software’s that will require you to pay to get it on your Windows PC. With this feature you get the freedom of choosing how you would want to record your Skype conversation.

DVDVideoSoft’s Skype recorder gives high-quality sound an audio, and you are thus able to record your Skype videos with the highest quality, and the sound will also not disappoint you. This is unlike what you would get in free software for recording your Skype conversation which will either record low-quality videos or may not even be in a position to record video calls.  As a matter of fact, most free software for recording Skype calls are only able to do the audio.

With DVDVideoSoft for Windows, you get pause feature that allows you to only record important moments in your Skype conversation. This feature comes in handy whenever you are conducting an interview with Skype; there are parts of the conversation that may not be of use for official purposes and during such moments you can pause and halt the Skype recording till you are ready to resume when you get to the important part.

The software has low processor requirements; this means that you don’t expect your PC to hang every time you are recording a Skype call. It is a software that does not alter any other function of your computer.


  • The first step is to download the software, which is a free software that will not cost you anything for you to access it, after downloading, launch the free video call recorder for Skype just like you do for other software that you download. This is what you will get on your screen


  • Choose the Skype recording mode that you will be comfortable with and that you would want the DVDVideosoft Skype recorder to be recording while you are on a call. The various options that you get are, you can record all sides i. e. pictures or images of both of the people participating in the Skype call, you can choose to record the other side only, meaning that you will get video from one side and from your side only the audio in the Skype call will be heard. You can also choose to record the audio only this is the best option if both of you are making Skype calls without using the videos.


  • The next step comprises of choosing the output folder or the folder where you would want your Skype conversation or Skype video call to be saved. This gives you some level of freedom in deciding where you would want to have all your Skype conversation saved.


  • After you have done all the setup of how you want to save your Skype calls or video calls using DVDVideosoft recorder, you can then initiate the call that you may be interested in recording
  • Once you are through with recording your Skype call, you can press the stop button to terminate the recording, and you will be good to go. In the case where you would want to pause the Skype video recording in order to continue sometime later, you can press the pause button and proceed some other time when you are ready to resume recording with the DVDVideosoft recorder for Windows.


  • After you are through with all the recording, either your Skype video call, Skype conference call or even a mere Skype call, you can retrieve the information by clicking the show in folder, and you will get the calls and the videos that you have recorded with the DVDVideosoft for Windows.


DVDVideoSoft Skype recorder is one of the best software that you can have on your Windows PC; it makes recording your Skype calls as fast as making them.  The format that the recorded conversations are saved playable by most of the gadgets that people have.  What everyone wants is a Skype recording tool that is not only easy to use but also easy to play around with. There are other software that can come in handy whenever you want to record your Skype calls or video calls. It is good to do some homework before settling on the one to use.

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