Callnote’s for Skype is a software that enables you to record Skype calls, conferences and much more. Just like other Skype Recorder for Windows, it offers free trial period of 15 days, one thing that you have to know about Skype is that it allows you to make calls and connect with friends all over the world either through chatting, video calling or making normal calls via Skype. The only major shortcoming with Skype is that it does not allow you to record any of the conversation or even chats. Just like a phone is able to record a call, most people wish that Skype could do the same. There are factors that may make you want to record a Skype video which among them is, retaining the memory of a loved one.

Callnote for Windows comes in two variations, call note premium and call note professional. Callnote Premium for recording Skype conversations is totally free while Callnote professional will cost you some money. The only difference with the two is that Callnote professional comes with some added advantage over the Callnote professional. However, both of them are well able to record your Skype calls and do so efficiently.

Features of Callnote

Callnote records a Skype conversation immediately you get an incoming or an outgoing call. This is really cool, and one is one of the easiest software that you can use with Skype as it will not need that you do a lot of set up to start recording any of your Skype conversation. The moment a Skype call is in progress, you can either continue recording or press the stop button to terminate the Skype call being recorded. At this point, it is important to note that it is best when you set your Callnote settings to start recording your Skype conversation automatically. When this happens, the person on the other side is notified that you are recording the Skype call, and you can proceed from this stage.

Callnote for Windows does something that most of the software that can record Skype calls are not in a position to do. You can take a snapshot with Callnote for Skype. This means that if you are in the middle of a video call with a friend, you can take a snapshot that records that moment and maybe share it with your friends some time later. This may not be the actual recording of a Skype conversation, but it is good as it records Skype moments that you would want to remember in future.

Callnote allows you to manage Skype recorded chats, conversations, and videos and manage them at your own convenience. You can edit Skype videos that have been recorded and give them a personal touch. This is a feature that you can only get with Callnote professional. Most of the software do not allow for editing or making any changes to the saved conversation. This feature is important as you are able to delete some of the recorded Skype conversation that may not be important and calls that you may not be needing at that moment.

Callnote for Skype allows you to share videos to Evernote and Dropbox; you can share some of the interesting bits of your Skype conversation with your friends. What makes the Callnote for Skype one of the best tools is the fact that you don’t get to keep the memories to yourself but can share with your friends for all of them to enjoy the memories.

How to record your Skype calls using Callnote

  • You first of all need to download the Callnote software on your Windows PC. Once you download run the Callnote installer and after this, you can link the Callnote software to Skype. It is important that you allow Callnote to access your Skype details.


  • After you finish downloading you can start making calls and recording all the Skype calls and conversation that you have. It is important that you be the one to make the call first if you have just downloaded the software, go to the call recording tab, click on the record tab and then make your call which will be recorded immediately you start. If this is too much for you, you can set your Callnote for Windows to automatically record all the incoming and outgoing calls.


  • All the recorded Skype conversations are stored in the documents segment and are displayed in the Callnote’s library. At this section, you will be able to see all the recorded Skype calls and chats and the duration taken for the calls.


  • You can choose to click on where you would want to save your recorded Skype conversations, and they will be sent there immediately. This system safeguards your recorded Skype conversations which may otherwise get lost in case something happens to your computer. You can either send the recordings to Evernote or Dropbox.


Shortcomings of Callnote

One of the main shortcomings that I found with this software is that you are not able to record a Skype video call with the premium Callnote version. This is a disadvantage to people who may not be in a position to afford the professional Callnote for Skype on Windows. Apart from that,  In case you feel like you need an upgrade, you can settle for the professional Callnote for Skype which will make it possible for you to access more in terms of storage options, video calls, etc. Considering that using it is easy, it becomes fun to have the Callnote recorder for Windows as a tool that will assist you whenever you want to record your Skype conversation.

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